Quantum Ethernet Patch Cord CAT5 RJ45 LAN Straight Cable Category 5E 5M 5 Meter


About this item

  • ClassyTek CAT5 Ethernet Patch Cord RJ45 Lan Straight Network Cable Category 5E 5M 5 Meter – Blue
  • High Performance RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable provides universal connectivity for LAN network components such as PCs, computer servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more
  • The connectors with gold-plated contacts, molded strain-relief boots, and snagless molds resist corrosion, provide durability, and ensure a secure connection; Bare copper conductors enhance cable performance and comply with UL 444 specifications for communications cables
  • Minimal noise and interference, due to its 4-pair of unshielded twisted copper strands and tough, yet flexible PVC jacket.
  • A heavy duty, snag-less molding makes installation and cable handling effortless
  • Flexible and durable cable with high bandwidth of up to 350 Mhz (CAT5E) guarantees high-speed data transfer for server applications, cloud computing, video surveillance, and online high definition video streaming.


Fast Internet Connectivity

Are you looking for a LAN network cable to connect your various devices with internet? The Quantum Ethernet Patch Cord CAT5 RJ45 LAN Straight Cable 5E 5M 5 Meter can be a great choice for you as it allows you to connect a range of your electronic gadgets, such as, desktop/notebook computer, XBOX/PS2 and more with your Wi-Fi router/hub switch/DSL modem. You can establish your local area network by connecting different devices and avail swift internet service on the connected systems. This will allow you to smoothly download/upload, stream content and game online. The efficient Ethernet Patch Cord CAT5 RJ45 LAN Straight Cable rapidly transfers data, voice and multimedia signals over the integrated networks so that your leisure-time enjoyment as well as vital business assignment can be undertake glitch-freely.

Simple Installation
You need not waste your time in software-led installation procedures, nor do you require to have special drivers on your devices. The Ethernet Patch Cord CAT5 RJ45 LAN Straight Cable supports a convenient plug-and-play installation process. With 5 m length, you can also sync different computer PCs, laptop PCs, XBOX/PS2 stations and more placed far and wide in your local set-up with your Wi-Fi router, hub switch or cable/DSL modem. The supreme quality pins and connectors of this Ethernet Patch Cord CAT5 RJ45 LAN Straight Cable ensure that the performance of your internet connectivity is dependable and hassle-free no matter you just browse or undertake bandwidth-intensive applications.


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